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E-books to Help Prospective College Athletes Succeed

Authored by a former Big Ten scholarship athlete, Doorway to College’s Student Athlete Series™ e-books teach high school athletes how to boost their chances of playing on a college team — and to succeed in college when they get there.

In the Student Athlete Series e-books, you'll learn about all this and more:

#1 Goal-Setting for Student Athletes ... and Their Parentsgoal_setting_cover_100_copy

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  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Being Realistic
  • Turning Goals into Realities


#2 The Division Decision: Which NCAA Division Is Right for You? division_decision_cover_100_copy

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  • Understanding the Differences
  • Scholarship Fact and Fantasy
  • Tuition Discounting
  • Choosing the Right Division for Your Future 


#3 The Road to Playing College Sports: Year-by-Year Advice for the Prospective College Athlete


  • Middle School: Getting Off to the Right Start
  • Freshman Year: Establishing Good Habits
  • Sophomore Year: Taking Stock of Your Goals
  • Junior Year: Developing Your Skills and Marketing Yourself
  • Senior Year: Making the Commitment


#4 How to Succeed as a College Athlete: Managing Your Time, Grades, Health, and Social Life, and Getting to Graduationhow_to_succeed_cover_100


  • Adjusting to College Life
  • Managing Your Time
  • Staying Grounded
  • Getting to Graduation

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100_road_to_playing_college_sports   how_to_succeed_cover_100

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FAQs for Athletes

Got a question about college prep or recruiting for prospective college athletes? Check out the FAQs for Athletes.