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Prepare Your Student to Score Higher on the ACT

With ZAPS® Focused Test Prep from Doorway to College Foundation, your son or daughter will experience what many parents, educators, and students call "the best ACT prep" in a timeframe that will actually fit into a high school student's busy schedule. In fact, independent studies by high schools have proven that ZAPS is highly effective test prep that helps students raise their scores on the ACT. 

As you consider what preparation will work best for your child, read the questions below. Then click on a link to learn more about the products and services or click the blue button when you're ready to purchase.


Does your teen need ACT strategy prep?

Learn more about scheduled, on-site classes at your local school or community center: ZAPS ACT Strategy Seminars. Then search for a seminar at or near your home by clicking the button below:

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Many students prefer to participate in an online ACT strategy class from the comfort of home. You can register for an available webinar by clicking this button:

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Is your teenager struggling with ACT Math, English, or Science?

If specific subject areas are stressing your teen before the test, then one or more subtest-intensive instructional videos may be just right. Your scholar can watch a video over and over again as needed until each concept and problem is clear. Downloadable materials are provided with purchase. Your scholar will have 24/7 access for one full year from date of purchase. Click the button below to purchase one or more of these helpful recorded videos.

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Does your student need realistic, timed testing practice?

Learn how your teen can take the ZAPS Online ACT-Practice Test timed or untimed, day or night. Your student will get comprehensive answer explanations for each answer choice for further study. When you're ready to purchase, click here:

Online ACT-Practice Test

Does your teen need a better college-level vocabulary?

With the ZAPS College Vocabulary Challenge, your student can build a robust vocabulary in minutes a day. All it takes is the app and a connection to the Internet on a phone, tablet, or computer. Click here to purchase the Challenge:

College Vocabulary Challenge

Is proof of effectiveness important to you?

Read about how ZAPS test preparation raises student scores in independent tests by four high schools in two states, even when all students took the test, not just the motivated, college-bound students.

Don't let your child be unprepared going into this important test. Sign up for ZAPS ACT test prep today!

ACT Prep
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