In the light of the recent news regarding the college admissions cheating ring, Doorway to College Foundation wants to take this opportunity to draw a clear line between the process of test preparation and cheating.


Studying and strategy preparation for a standardized test are not cheating; bribing testing facility workers and falsifying special testing needs to create an unfair testing environment are examples of cheating. Please do not be concerned that a preparation class is anything other than a completely legal opportunity to help students perform their best and achieve their highest potential on the ACT or SAT.


Sometimes in the high-stakes world of college admissions and financing, people believe that quality preparation only belongs to a few very affluent families. There are many who have recently entered the college coaching and prep business to capitalize on the seriousness of this journey. Doorway to College’s mission is to level the playing field by providing quality, affordable test prep for all Americans. As a non-profit, success for everyone is our mission!