There’s been lots of talk about the new SAT Adversity Score (or, as the College Board calls it, the Environmental Context Dashboard), announced on May 16, 2019. It is designed to level the playing field for standardized tests – exams that have long been seen as tests of merit rather than tests of ability.

By including factors such as the quality of a student’s high school, local crime rate, and the poverty level of a student’s neighborhood, the College Board is attempting to use the SAT Adversity Score to report on not only academic skills, but also educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. When the College Board submits SAT results to colleges, those test results will also be accompanied by this new environmental-context data.

Because Doorway to College Foundation’s mission is to support the transition to higher education for all students, at our core is the belief in the need for fair access for everyone – regardless of societal factors. This is why we work closely with schools and community organizations to make sure that effective in-person and online ACT and SAT test-preparation seminars and materials are available to all students, regardless of what may be standing in their way.

To accomplish this goal, Doorway to College Foundation awards more than $125,000 in free access scholarships annually for our ACT and SAT test-prep seminars, donates money back to partner organizations, and gives financial scholarships to graduating seniors.

While the debate over the merit of the new SAT Adversity Score is likely to continue, Doorway to College Foundation will continue to champion the right for all students to have the chance to boost classroom performance and score their very best on the ACT and SAT to open new doors, pursue a college education, qualify for grants and scholarships, and help their future altitude match their aptitude.