Strategy Seminars for SAT Prep

ZAPS® Seminars Boost Confidence and Test Scores

Students taking Doorway to College’s ZAPS SAT prep classes typically raise their scores by at least 50 to 150 points. Many ZAPS students score much higher.

In the 5-hour SAT seminar, your child will learn important test-taking strategies and tips. He or she will also take four shortened practice tests (about 20 minutes each) to immediately apply the strategies learned, and get a feel for the actual SAT or PSAT testing experience.


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Seminar Format

The seminar provides 5 hours of instruction and practice. In each seminar, a highly trained instructor teaches students essential skills and strategies for doing their best on the test. Seminars are held at local schools or other public buildings. (Webinars are broadcast over the Internet and accessible in your home.)


Materials Included

Each ZAPS SAT strategy seminar includes the following materials:

Study Guide

Your student will receive the Inside the SAT Study Guide, filled with all of the following — and more!

  • PSAT/SAT test tips and strategies 
  • An extensive grammar review
  • A five-step plan for writing a high-scoring essay
  • Practice essay prompts and a scoring rubric
  • A comprehensive mathematics review
  • Story problem strategies
  • Detailed answer explanations 
  • An individual study plan

Workout Booklets

Each Workout booklet contains 6 shortened practice-tests that are customized for efficient study in a student's limited free time. Your student will receive a total of 18 Workouts in three booklets:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math

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If you'd like to know more about our in-school seminars, contact the friendly Doorway to College Customer Service team at 877-927-8378 (toll free in the U.S.). Or, email us at We're happy to help you.

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