College Entrance Exams: Is Your Child Ready?

Take the Quiz and Find Out

Today, the competition to get into a good college is fierce. Make no mistake: Your son or daughter is up against students who are spending a lot of time preparing for college entrance exams. (Some even start in elementary school!)

Like any involved parent, you are concerned about your student’s ability to enter the testing room with confidence and achieve high marks on his or her ACT or SAT test. This is a valid concern. Recent studies show that most students are not prepared to handle the “rigor” of a college education.

How do you know if your student is prepared to take a college entrance exam?

Answer the following 10 questions, to the best of your knowledge, and discover if your student is ready to conquer college entrance exams, or if he or she should sign up for ACT prep courses or SAT prep courses to gain invaluable ACT and SAT test-taking strategies and study tips.