Get Ready for Your Interview

Preparation Is Essential for Success

Whether you're faced with an interview to get into college, get a job, or get an internship, if you really want what they have to offer, you can't afford to be haphazard in your preparation. This Doorway to College Foundation e-book is packed with information, tips, and strategies to help you get ready for the big event: Your interview.

Interviewing: In the Hot Seat, covers these important topics:

  • Your 30-Second Commercial
  • What to Take with You to an Interview
  • How to Handle "The Drill"
  • Using the C.A.R.E. Strategy to tell your stories
  • Getting Ready for The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, And The Fabulous
  • Preparing for "The Closer"
  • What to Ask Before You Leave
  • The Importance of Thank-You Notes
  • Why You Need to Practice

Interviewing: In the Hot Seat

E-book: $4.99

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