In the United States, few students receive systematic instruction in English language conventions after middle school or junior high.

Yet, the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and other standardized tests assess those skills — and hold your school accountable for your students' results — no matter how long ago they took a grammar class.


The goal of Personal Best Test Training: Editing is to help your students review English language conventions and the fundamentals of effective writing, and apply that knowledge on a standardized test, particularly the ACT English Test and the SAT and PSAT Writing and Language Tests. This program also supports students in preparing for the ACT Writing Test and the SAT Essay (both optional).

There's a lot more at stake than doing well on a standardized test — strong communcation skills are essential to success throughout a student's academic career and beyond. Almost every survey of employers today cites written communication among the essential skills for new hires. PBTT: Editing will help your students solidify these skills, thereby increasing their competency and their options for the future.

Preparation for the ACT, SAT, and PSAT

PBTT: Editing teaches skills and strategies for answering the editing-style multiple-choice questions on the ACT, SAT, and PSAT. The skills tested on these exams are similar, though the question types are different. PBTT: Editing provides instruction and practice that will help your students score their personal best on any standardized editing-style test.

The ACT English Test challenges students to choose the correct way to write the underlined portion of a sentence. Students will be tested in the following skills:

  • Usage/Mechanics
  • Rhetorical Skills

The College Board's PSAT and SAT Writing and Language Tests are similar to the ACT English Test. Students are tested on:

  • Expression of Ideas
  • Standard English Conventions
  • Words in Context
  • Command of Evidence
Students learn how to approach the different item types, how to apportion their time wisely on the more challenging items, and what the test-takers are looking for in certain questions related to writing process and style (it's not always what you may expect). 

Backpack-Friendly Practice Booklets

Editing_covers.jpgThe PBTT: Editing Study Guide (74 pages) provides:

  • Tips and strategies for success on standardized English and Writing tests
  • A comprehensive Grammar Review
  • 10 Practice Sets of ACT- and PSAT/SAT-style editing problems
  • Thorough answer explanations for each practice test item 

Click to download sample pages from the PBTT: Editing Study Guide. 

A complimentary, eight-page teacher's guide is included with each set of 30 student booklets purchased. The PBTT: Editing Teacher's Guide provides activities to enhance and extend learning.

A Comprehensive Solution

PBTT: Editing is part of a comprehensive solution that prepares students to do their best on the ACT and PSAT/SAT. For an overview of the entire Personal Best Test Training Program click here.

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