Study Skills for Classroom Tests

Earn Your Best Score

You've sat in class and listened. You've done the required readings. Your project was killer. But when it comes to tests, you feel like you blow it time and again. 

That doesn't have to happen.

Studying for a test is a process, but it doesn't come naturally for everyone. If you didn't learn effective and efficient ways to study in your earlier years, you might be embarrassed to ask for help. After all, you're old enough you should already know this stuff, right?

But being ashamed to ask for help won't get you very far. So we've put together a primer on studying for a classroom test that will help you show what you know and shine on classroom tests—maybe even for the first time.

This helpful e-book explains how you can improve your study skills.

How to Study for a Classroom Test covers these important topics:

  • Time Management
  • Controlling Distractions
  • Note-Taking
  • Helpful Homework Supplies
  • Battling Procrastination
  • Least Effective Study Strategies
  • Most Effective Study Strategies
  • Getting Creative
  • Using the Internet
  • Test Anxiety

Study Skills for Classroom Tests

E-book: $4.99

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