Preparing Students for College Entrance Exams

Host a Seminar, Webinar, or Workshop to Boost Their Scores

By hosting a ZAPS® seminar, live or recorded webinar, or Personal Best Test Training™ workshop, you give your students a high-quality, affordable opportunity to improve their scores on the ACT or PSAT and SAT. And you give yourself a worry-free experience with a company that has your students' best interests in mind.

Here’s all we ask you to do:

  • Work with us to select a date and time for your class.
  • Help us secure an appropriate space. 
  • Provide us with your students’ mailing information or address labels. 
    Or, if you prefer, we will ship the postage-paid mailers to you, so you can label them and drop them in the mail.
  • Include information about upcoming seminars in daily 
    announcements and email blasts.

Doorway to College does the rest.

Schedule Your Seminar, Webinar, or Workshop Today

Your regional manager will work with you to schedule an ACT or PSAT/SAT seminar or webinar, or a PBTT workshop shortly before the majority of your students take the ACT, SAT, or PSAT. Or, provide your teachers with a recorded webinar to show in academic classes during the school day.

We’ll be glad to walk you through each different option, including the features, advantages, and benefits for your school and your students.

For more information, fill out the form to the right. You may also write to or call 1-877-927-8378. 

Preparing Students for College
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