College Vocabulary Challenge

A Better Vocabulary Opens Doors to Your Future

One of the most important factors of success on the ACT, PSAT, or SAT is the ability to comprehend college-level vocabulary words. But the importance of a high-level vocabulary doesn’t stop with these exams.

English vocabulary level has been shown to be strongly related to educational success. In addition, it is related to the level of occupation attained. It is highly correlated with measures of reading ability and intelligence.
-Richard Bowker, Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation

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Learn, Challenge, Review

The College Vocabulary Challenge offers the following features:


  • Study definitions and parts of speech
  • Read example sentences with words in meaningful context
  • Study synonyms, antonyms, root words, and/or prefixes
  • Flag words for further review


  • Sentence-completion items test words in context
  • Synonym challenges test comprehension in isolation
  • Hints give strategies for understanding


  • Relearn missed or flagged words
  • Get a score report for each Review
  • Earn badges for progress 

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ZAPS College Vocabulary Challenge
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