Research Results for ZAPS ACT Test Preparation

Delivered by Trained Teachers in Boulder Valley School District, Colorado

Boulder Valley School District in Colorado contracted with ZAPS Learning Company (now known as Doorway to College) to train a group of faculty members to present the ZAPS ACT test-preparation curriculum. Following certification, these teachers instructed all of the juniors at three high schools. The study's control group included seven high schools that did not participate in the ZAPS training.


In 2010, in the control group of seven schools, performance declined slightly at –0.1 points on the ACT Composite Score. Conversely, at the three ZAPS participating high schools, the ACT Composite Score went up 1.4 points. Students in the ZAPS school gained 1.5 in English, 1.4 in Math, 1.5 in Reading, and 1.2 in Science.


ZAPS ACT training had a significantly positive impact on the ACT scores of the students who participated in the trial.

Footnote: Following the Boulder Valley study, scores have continued to rise in the participating schools. On average, the ACT Composite Score climbed from 18.3 in 2010 to 19.4 in 2011.



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