Get Extra Help with ACT English, Math, or Science

If your student needs extra help — or even a confidence boost — getting an in-depth content review can make a huge difference. D2CF's ACT Subtest-Intensive Instructional Videosare intended as companions to — not replacements for — a ZAPS® ACT Strategy Seminar or Webinar.

In each online ACT Subtest-Intensive Instructional Video, a subject-matter expert provides specific instruction and practice for one of these subtest areas:

  • ACT Math (1:53:22 run time)
  • ACT English (1:03:10 run time)
  • ACT Science (1:53:33 run time)


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These online ACT videos are helpful complements designed to target subject areas in which students need extensive preparation.

In each ACT Subtest-Intensive Instructional Video, your student will:


  • Get expert subtest tips from a skilled instructor
  • Learn tips specific to the subtest
  • Review troublesome content that is likely to be tested
  • Practice using the tips with frequently tested ACT item types
  • Boost skill and confidence through better understanding and familiarity

Click the link below to purchase an ACT Subtest-Intensive Instructional Video and receive instant access once you log in:

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Downloadable practice materials are provided when your student accesses a video. Please print the practice items so your student will be ready for instruction. 

For best results, your student will also need the following:

  • A computer with high-speed Internet connection (Note: The Subtest-Intensive Instructional Videos cannot be viewed on a tablet or phone.)
  • A quiet location
  • A headset (extremely helpful, but optional)
  • A pen or pencil
  • A calculator, if studying Math
  • Printed copies of the pdf materials (download from the website)

An Entire Year of Access

Your student will have full access, 24/7, for one full year from the date of purchase. At that time, access will be disabled.


Give us a call at 877-927-8378. Or write to us at

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