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There's a lot riding on the ACT test — and a lot of pressure on your child. Fortunately, ZAPS helps students achieve their highest personal scores with proven-effective ACT prep classes. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Consider the benefits

Your student will learn:
  • The directions for each ACT question type to save time during the test 
  • What to expect of the types of questions and difficulty level
  • How to use partial knowledge to gain points
  • Effective time management techniques
  • Specific techniques, strategies, and ACT study tips for each subtest
  • A plan for writing a high-scoring essay on any topic
  • How to effectively use study time in the days leading up to the test

Not to mention:

You can expect your student's instructor to be helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. ZAPS instructors are ACT test specialists, thoroughly trained in the ACT. That's why students are often raise their scores by 2–4 points or more.

Step 2: Register

Register your student now for a five-hour ZAPS ACT strategy seminar at a school near you to help them earn their personal-best score.

Below, see if an ACT seminar is available at your school, then register:

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Step 3: Wait for your helpful ZAPS study guides and workbooks to come in the mail.


ZAPPING the ACT Study Guide, a comprehensive resource filled with all these benefits, and more:
  • ACT test tips and strategies 
  • An extensive grammar review
  • Clear, concise instruction on how to score your best on the Enhanced Writing Test
  • Practice essay prompts and a Writer's Checklist
  • A comprehensive mathematics review
  • Story problem strategies
  • Detailed answer explanations 
  • An individual study plan for the days leading up to the test
Four ZAPPING the ACT Workout booklets, with a total of 24 shortened ACT practice-tests
  • English (6 practice-test Workouts)
  • Math (6 practice-test Workouts)
  • Reading (6 practice-test Workouts)
  • Science (6 practice-test Workouts)


Want to know more about ZAPS ACT strategy seminars from Doorway to College Foundation? Call us at 877-927-8378 or write to

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